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Meet Henry the Sloth

Access online auction to bid on 1:30, 1:45 and 4:15pm slot.

Our pal Henry the Sloth is coming back to the Central Collective, and he wants to meet you! Unlike most sloths, Henry is comfortable with humans because his parents had him in captivity after being relocated from Guyana due to deforestation and rampant poaching in the region. We’re so lucky for the opportunity to meet a sweet little dude like Henry, and to support the amazing educational and preservation mission of the Wildlife Discovery Center. Read more about Henry, his family and the WDC below, and then book your spot to have your picture taken with Henry.*

IMPORTANT: You MUST reserve a slot to meet Henry. Each slot is $75 and includes a ten minute photo session with 1-2 people and access to downloadable photos of your visit via an online gallery.  All proceeds go to the Wildlife Discovery Center.

  • Age limit is 15 and older. 

  • We recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes early to make sure you don't miss your time slot.

  • Please do not wear perfume (sloths hate it!) or dangly jewelry (sloths love it!)

*Henry's comfort is our biggest concern. While we will make every effort to get a picture of you holding Henry, we won't make him do anything he doesn't want to.  If for some reason Henry isn't feeling up for getting his picture taken with you, you will receive a full refund.  


Henry is a one and a half year-old, Linnaeus Two-Fingered Sloth. He was born at a wildlife rescue facility near Miami and his parents originated from Guyana and due to deforestation and rampant poaching in that region, had to come into captivity.  Henry is part of the Species Survival Plan to be part of an assurance population in North America and make sure that this species doesn’t go extinct. Henry now resides with the Curator of the Wildlife Discovery Center where he receives specialized care and lots of TLC. 

Henry will be joined by Rob Carmichael. Rob is the founder/curator of the Gold Medal Award Winning Wildlife Discovery Center. In addition to his curatorial duties, he also works with National Geographic and Smithsonian Channel in a number of wildlife documentaries. He has teamed up with 7-time Emmy Award winning cinematographer Neil Rettig. Rob also speaks at a number of international symposia including the International Union of Conservation of Nature's Crocodile Specialist Group. Rob teaches Environmental Biology and Herpetology at several nearby colleges. He is married to a school teacher/coach who is earning her doctorate in education, and, two very talented daughters who are professional athletes and work for Naked Foods!

The WDC is an award winning, accredited, free admission zoo/nature center with a mission to motivate all generations to come to know, respect and protect our challenged and often endangered ecosystems with a focus on their wildlife. This nature center features over 200 species of animals including reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and mammals and focuses on wildlife and ecological conservation.