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Mini Horse Photobooth and Group Art Show

image by  Feral Giant

image by Feral Giant


Have you always wanted to meet a miniature horse? Or maybe you have a secret desire to own a horse statue customized by your favorite Knoxville artist. Perhaps you’d like to donate to Horse Haven of Tennessee, a non-profit that rehabilitates and re-homes abused and neglected horses in Tennessee. Well boy howdy, we have the event for you!

Join us for a miniature horse photobooth with Horse Haven’s mascot Twinkie hosted by Poynter Photo Co. For a donation of $20 or more you can have your photo taken with Twinkie. You’ll also have the chance to purchase funky and unique horse statues customized by local artists including Tricia Bateman, Hannah Bingham, Tracey Crocker, Nick DeFord, Melissa Everett, Katie Gonzalez, Jason Amos Oaks, Josh Shorey, Martha Cate Spencer, and more.

Central Collective co-founder Dale Mackey will be participating as a “celebrity dancer” in Horse Haven’s annual fundraiser, Dancing for the Horses. If you’d like to contribute but are unable to attend this event, you can contribute to Dale’s campaign here.