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Second Friday Art Reception: EXIT -> Exist


Artist Statement:

Addiction touches the lives of so many people. Everyone knows someone (or is someone) who has a drinking issue.

 In lots of homes, behind closed doors, the one glass of wine with dinner becomes two. Sometimes it's three.

 And if alcohol is an elevator that only goes down, when do we step off? Do we have to step off entirely? What happens when you decide to have none at all for a period of time (Dry January, Stoptober, Lent).


Belle Robertson works as a sober coach and one day last August she was having an argument with her husband about his career (he's an artist), and she went into his stuff and pulled out one of his paintings and without telling him, posted it on her website.

An EXIT painting.

Now, what happens when you have a VISUAL (private, personal) representation of getting off the downward elevator?

 It could be addiction – or it could be a crappy relationship – or it could be that you’re in the wrong job.

If the elevator is going down, you can step off and stay off.

About the Artists:

Belle is a sober coach, Mr. Belle is an artist. They are Canadians living in Paris. She has a Masters degree in Creative Writing, and has been interviewed by the media (including BBC). He is a French-Canadian artist (who didn't speak a word of English when they met). Now they both don’t drink. Now he paints Exit paintings.