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Boundaries: First Friday with Bitsy Voce


From Artist Bitsy Voce:

Growing up in the midst of conflicting ideologies, I developed a dark and absurdist sense of humor, one which I translate through embroidered imagery. My art is a reflection upon myself as a young woman incapable of fitting within the southern cultural framework in which I was given. Although the subject matter ranges from nonsensical to grotesque, it is still meticulously woven within the confines of conventional womanly craft.



Bitsy is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Knoxville where she attended the University of Tennessee. Her mediums of choice are markers, ink, and embroidery. In general, her works are characterized by personifying food in an eerie or humorous manor to create an uncomfortable rift between feelings of comfort and familiarity. She finds the risk of free-handing her ideas directly to the cloth and developing subsequent mistakes energizing.


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