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The Hair Museum with High Five Hannie

The Hair Museum 1.jpg

Why humans have evolved to maintain the hair on our heads and faces is a great mystery. Some theorize that it’s a residual trait from when we were aquatic apes; a means by which we could hold onto our parents. Others believe that it is a defense against UV rays and to help retain heat in the body during the colder months.

What we can be sure of is that hair is both “fly” and “fashionably fun.” The way we style our furry little heads is an expression of how we see ourselves and of how we want to be seen by the world. It’s an important part of the human mating dance (who of any gender has not swooned over Prince & his gorgeous locks), of navigating the confusing sexual awakening that puberty brings (those dollops of hair gel and tall, skinny cans of mousse), and our decision to run with the herd or diverge in an attempt to redefine the zeitgeist.

The hair parlour is also a center of the community; a space that acts as a great equalizer. Like Eddie says in the American classic film Barbershop, “If we can’t talk straight in a babershop, then where can we talk straight?” So leave your cheap inhibitions at the door, set free your wild and wonderful self, and step backstage of this tedious life. Welcome to life’s grand dressing room: The Hair Museum.


High Five Hannie, otherwise known as Hannah Bingham, is a self-taught, local Knoxville artist. She doesn’t give high-fives and she’s ironically terrible at managing her own hair.