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Happy Knoxvollidays Holiday Concert to Benefit The Love Kitchen


Cost: $10 at the door, 100% of proceeds to benefit The Love Kitchen

Now that it's coming to the end of another year, how about we all come together to celebrate the holidays? We'll have a multitude of musicians performing their own, special take on holiday and Christmas tunes. They'll be performing "in-the-round" style, playing with others they may never have performed with together before!

Not only will it be a wonderful evening of music, but we'll also be giving all of the proceeds to help The Love Kitchen here in Knoxville. They have been working hard in order to help the folks of our community. We'll even have some baked goods available for purchase to help raise as much as we can. Now's our chance to give back!


Master of Ceremonies: Adeem the Artist

-Brandon Gibson (Marble City Opera, the "Mayor of Knoxville")
-Josiah (of Josiah & The Greater Good)
-Zack Miles and Madison Brown
-Hana Vincent Rothenberg (of Marigold Moon)
-Roland Dixon (singer-songwriter and part of Roger Alan Wade Big Ass Happy Family Jubilee Orchestra)
-Victor Agreda Jr (WUOT host, comedian, voice actor, entrepreneur), doing a special spoken-word piece
-Jason Hanna (Dixie Ghost, Colonel Williams House Band)
-Pale Root
-Evie Andrus, the "Barefoot Fiddler" and Buffalo Fiasco
-Brandon Fulson
-Tanner Rutherford, singer-songwriter, producer and member of Brit Lit
-Joey English
-Luke Brogden of Southern Cities
-Emily Force-Tinsley of Common Creatures 
-Jarius Bush with special guests

Our All-Star House Band:

Matt MontgomeryAndrew TinsleyJohn Stirling Walsh of Southern CitiesEvie Andrus of Buffalo FiascoGeorge Middlebrooks

Look out for additions, it's a party! Each artist plays 1 or 2 of their favorite classic holiday tunes or a holiday-themed original. They come up in flights of 1-3 unless it's a band already and they'll do it as 1 mini-set. There'll be one major intermission halfway through the night for leg-stretchin', drink-refillin', conversation and potty breaks.