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Look Up // Look Down: First Friday with Jody Collins

look up: #cloudporn

Feels like we are all mired in task-oriented projects, like we’re just checking things off a list. “I need to get to the store, pick up things off the shopping list, get home, cook, clean up…” etc, etc, etc. We don’t take time to look up anymore. I’ve started taking the technology, the in-the-moment fact that I have a quality camera in my pocket, stopping to obeserve the moments of beauty in everyday life. For me, those typical revolve around clouds. Not in a “that cloud is shaped like a viking war ship,” or “hey, that looks like a Ninja Turtle.” More in the beauty of nature. There are stunning moments in everyday life. In the rainy days, along with the sunny ones.

look down: Somebody lost their smokes.

Randomly started noticing cigarette packs laying here and there, as if someone had lost them. Thought of the line from Friday, “somebody done lost their smokes,” and started capturing these unintentionally abandoned artifacts.


Jody Collins, born and raised in Knoxville, is a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer. Currently President of AIGA Knoxville, and owns his own business called Feral Giant. Responds to Kunta, Hoss, Chief, Big 'Un, Grape Ape, Boss, Extra Tall Man.