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First Friday: Boy Howdy Art Show with Laura Baisden

Laura Baisden lived in Nashville for 9 years, learning how to print from some of the best people and most talented folks to ever grace the earth. She trained with Bryce McCloud at Isle of Printing from 2006-2009, and worked as a designer at Hatch Show Print from 2010-2015. Last fall, she moved her press to Knoxville, TN where- with the help of Julie Belcher from Pioneer House- she opened up her own letterpress design and illustration studio called Camp Nevernice. She works on her personal illustration projects in between custom letterpress print jobs. Mainly band posters, wedding invitations and baby announcements.

“Camp Nevernice” is a term that specifically came from the land her parents have that they would go to in the summers throughout her childhood. They call it camp; it was a simple, rustic acre or so with cabins perched near a river in the wilds of West Virginia. It had an out-house, miriads of bugs and felt like they were perpetually raking leaves. As a kid, Laura complained about the long stints of time in nature- but now- looking back, it’s easy to see that Camp Nevernice really shaped her work ethic and love for the great outdoors and all the creatures in it. So now, it’s more of a term to describe how sometimes, you need the snakes and the dirt and the alone-time. When things may seem not-as-nice, you’re probably learning and growing. It’s best to lean into the moment and do the best with what you have when you have it. Easier said than done, and she says she never stops learning and re-learning this lesson.

All of the art you see here was printed from hand carved linoleum blocks, where each color is a different carving and they are layered one on top of the next to create an image. Often, the blocks are carved in a way that’s called “Reduction” which means the same physical block is used to create each layer, and is carved away from (Reduced) until it reaches the final line art. Therefore, each print that is a numbered limited edition can not be re-printed.