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Fermentation Workshop

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Not sure what you would do if civilization collapsed? Without electricity, you couldn’t google it. In partnership with Knox County Libraries and the Big Read, we're celebrating the fantastic post-apocalyptic book "Station Eleven" with our Apocalypse survival skill workshop series.

FERMENTATION: Preserving Food after the Pandemic

In this hands-on workshop, we will discuss and demonstrate various food and beverage fermentation techniques. Our goal is to ensure that every attendee not only learns how to create these foods and drinks at home, but also walks away with a better understanding of (and passion for!) the world of microbes and ferments.  

All materials provided: ingredients for making your own ferment, a jar for taking their handmade creations home, and support materials/resources (attendees are encouraged to bring note taking supplies).


About the instructors: John Capps and Nicole Poquette are life-long students of healthy and ethical living, as well as overall food fanatics! This includes incorporating a wide spectrum of whole foods and natural medicines into everyday life.