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Farm and Forage Pop-Up Dinner with Lost Creek Farm

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On October 24, Lost Creek Farm brings the unique cuisine of north-central West Virginia to Knoxville, with an eclectic seven-course fall menu. Spanish sausage, vinegar pie, and salt rising bread -- traditional victuals in many northern West Virginia communities -- find their way into modern dishes featuring wild-harvested ingredients, fresh pastured meats, and seasonal produce from small farms in West Virginia and the Tennessee Valley.

Back in 2013, Mike Costello and Amy Dawson began restoring a historic family farm as the first step towards a longtime goal of producing foods inspired by time-honored cooking, preserving, and harvesting traditions. While their work to bring back the farmstead is far from complete, they have goals of creating an on-farm culinary destination, and in 2019 began hosting the Farm and Forage Supper Club series.

In addition to sharing meals across Appalachia, Mike and Amy are making Lost Creek Farm operational for the first time in decades. The past years have seen production of heirloom vegetables, maple syrup, honey, rabbits, heritage poultry, and historic varieties of mountain apples. The late Anthony Bourdain said of his visit to Lost Creek Farm, "that was very good, very inspiring," when Mike and Amy's work was featured on CNN's Parts Unknown in 2018.

The Lost Creek Farm debuted in Knoxville in 2015, when their traveling kitchen hit the road showcasing farm-to-table, small-plate dinners. Lost Creek Farm's cooking has since taken Mike and Amy all over the eastern U.S. and we're delighted to have them back at The Central Collective. 


  • Fried goat kibbeh || Lebanese-style pickled turnips || herbed cultured cream

  • Skillet-toasted salt rising bread || bourbon-sage apple butter || black walnut farmer's cheese || JQ Dickinson Salt

  • Lost Creek Farm's 11 bean fabada || Harrison County Spanish sausage || pastured pork belly || heirloom white bean crema || rustic baguette

  • Salad of grilled garden carrots || kilt baby greens || pickled onion || blue cornbread crumble || salt-cured farm egg || buttermilk-sorghum dressing

  • Buttermilk poached salt trout || hard cider and green onion beurre blanc || leather britches and shaved country ham || preserved Winesap apples || farro piccolo

  • Braised WV bison and Aunt Floda's dumplings || heirloom green tomato gravy || three sisters succotash

  • Pawpaw ice cream || foraged chestnut || wild sumac syrup

  • Flossie Hannah's vinegar pie || communion wafer crumb crust || shagbark hickory whipped cream