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SOLD OUT: Farm and Forage Pop-Up Dinner with Lost Creek Farm

On May 31, Lost Creek Farm brings the foodways of north central West Virginia to Knoxville with an eclectic six-course spring menu. Spanish chorizo, Italian-style preserved peppers, and salt rising bread -- traditional victuals in many northern West Virginia communities -- find their way into modern dishes featuring wild harvested herbs and mushrooms, indigenous meats, and seasonal produce from small farms in West Virginia and the Tennessee Valley. 

Back in 2013, Mike Costello and Amy Dawson began restoring a historic family farm as the first step towards a longtime goal of producing foods inspired by time-honored cooking, preserving, and harvesting traditions. While their work to bring back the farmstead is far from finished, they have found their home at Lost Creek Farm. 

In addition to sharing meals across Appalachia, Mike and Amy are making Lost Creek Farm operational for the first time in decades. This year the farm will see production of heirloom vegetables, maple syrup, honey, rabbits, heritage poultry, and historic varieties of mountain apples.

The Lost Creek Farm kitchen hit the road in 2015, showcasing farm-to-table, small plate dinners. In the coming months, Mike and Amy plan to launch Till and Forage, the mobile kitchen of Lost Creek Farm. 


  1. Roasted spring beet carpaccio, house made ricotta with woodland herbs, field greens, crisped garden roots, honey dandelion vinaigrette
  2. Heirloom butter bean and salt preserved ramp soup, Asturian chorizo, wild mint, dried morel powder
  3. Smoked mountain trout, ugly apple and red onion relish, spruce and chanterelle butters, sprouted clover, salt rising toast
  4. Chicken fried venison meatloaf, mashed new potatoes with toasted ramps, stewed green tomatoes, pureed Italian peppers
  5. Cider-brined pulled rabbit, bourbon sweet potato bbq, radish and fennel slaw, braised nettle greens with Benton’s bacon
  6. Bloody butcher corn cake, house made buttermilk ice cream, rhubarb preserves, Lost Creek Farm maple syrup with sweet basil