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Yoga Class: Spring Salutations

Time: 2:30-3:15/Beginner, 3:25-4:10/Int.Adv
Cost: $10/forty-five minutes or $12 for both (RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE)

Spring is finally on it's way! Join Leslie in welcoming this long awaited season by practicing Surya Namaskar.  What better way to wring out the winter blues than with energetic and fast paced flow that mimics the sun? In yogic tradition one practices Surya Namaskar, aka Sun Salutations, on the first day of each season or solstice as an act of gratitude to the sun for all it brings to the season.There will be twovvariations of this class: one that is beginner friendly and one that is more intermediate/advanced, so that everyone can participate.


Led by Leslie with Yogini is a Dancer.