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Leading Change Through Disruptive Innovation: A Workshop with Siobhan McAuley

Class cost is $50.  Reserve your spot here.

Communicate your message, build your tribe & monetize it as you go.

You want to make a living doing the work you love while stretching yourself creatively, so you’ve got to find a way to get your message to the people that want, what you have to offer.

The problem, is that you don't think of yourself as a marketer. You love being your own boss or leading an organization but you HATE having to sell your ideas, products & services to others.


Join Siobhan McAuley for this gathering designed for artists, leaders and creative entrepreneurs who feel called to grow beyond their comfort zone so they can step into a new level of leadership in their industry or community - and get their work into the hands of the people that want it.

Through peer-based learning and experiential exercises you’ll learn:

  • how to price your work so it sells
  • how to package it so you’re selling the value of a result, instead of your time
  • how to position your work to attract the people that want to ‘pay to play’ in your tribe
  • and how to communicate the value of the result they receive when they choose to be a part of what you’re creating


Siobhan McAuley is a pioneer in the emerging field of modern-day spirituality and entrepreneurship. As CEO/founder of Stirring the Soul Consulting, Inc., she guides a growing community of women through a new economic paradigm to change the way we live, work, and relate to ourselves and each other.